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I'm a HUGE - meaning, obsessively, deeply in love with HUGE fan of the series The Walking Dead. I've been a fan of the graphic novels for years, and the show, in my eyes, can do no wrong.


So, when a friend of mine wanted to make a 'Daryl Dixon' costume, I simply HAD to make his 'Zombie ear necklace'.


So, wanting to make sure our necklace was as realistic as possible, I raided our stash of headcasts and took moulds of the ears, that way we'd have cast ears made from real human ears.

These were cast in an ultra soft 20 shore urethane, then given three seperate 'washes' of thinned, tinted urethane.

These were then punched, strung up and voila! One trophy necklace suitable for any Zombie Hunter.

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