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Here we have without a doubt our biggest project to date. Not only in scale, but in the limited timescale had to complete it. As plans had not yet been confirmed for a convention appearance, we found ourselves with just a few weeks to sculpt, mould, cast, paint and ship the components to make a wearable,  ever-lobing Blue eyed THING costume - aka Benjamin Grimm from the Fantastic Four.

As always we were sent reference images.

The Pre-requisites were that The Thing should have...

*HUGE underbite


*Buttom Nose

With this is mind, we finished up a mask sculpt...

Along with a pair over oversized 'Clobberin' hands, designed to be made using a latex skin and foam filling.

We considered how we might make an entire rock suit without the budget or time to sculpt a full torso and decided that we would create interlocking sheets of rock 'skin'. These were also cast from latex and applied directly onto an oversize foam muscle suit created by a the team in America.

Once these had been pulled, painted and inked, they worked very well as they could be shaped around various surfaces and retain their rock look.

We finished up painting and inking the mask and were very happy with how we'd captured the essence of The THING.

And so began a couple of nights of labour, casting, painting and inking numerous sheets of rock skin, hands, and mask...


And here is the final costume, complete with inner foam muscle suit.

Here's a picture of my friend Kevin Spooner, wearing a THING costume constructed from our rock sheets, mask, rock sheets and hands.


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