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My very good friend Megan asked me to make her some armoured 'boobs' for her Valkyrie costume. Dubbed the 'Boobs of Justice' this was a fun project. Obviously we started with reference images, and Megs asked if I could make sure they were nice and dome shaped.


So, here we have the rough sculpt in clay, this was then moulded and a plaster 'master' was made. Using a hard master means I can go in and work on surface details better than with a soft medium like clay. It was sanded, and finished up with a nice paint finish before the final silicone mould was made.


Now that we had the mould, we could 'Cold Cast' the hollow domes using aluminium powder and polyurethane resin. 

And finally the finished costume...


Obviously big thanks to Megan for letting me use her pictures on here.


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