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We've made a variety of belts for friends.

BATGIRL (Barbara Gordon)

Yellow leather with tinted resin buckle and pods

Superman (New DC 52)

Cast tinted urethane rubber logo and belt

Batman Beyond

Robin (Young Justice)

Tinted urethane pouches and buckle on yellow leather belt

Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)

Cast resin pouches finished with gold paint on gold vinyl belt


Aluminium powdered resin with leather backing. Interchangeable centre segments.

Robin (Tim Drake)

Cast resin pouches with leather belt.

Scarlet Spider

Cast resin finished with chrome paint.

The Batman

HYDRA Buckle

Cast urethane / aluminium powder resin buckle, curved and buffed to metal finish.

Batman (1970s)

Yellow leather belt with cast resin buckle and pods.

Red Robin

Batman (Neal Adams)

Special request in gold.


Buckle cast from red tinted resin with black painted banding.

Black Bat

Cast / curved resin buckle with resin pouches - gold paint on black leather belt.

Robin (Stephanie Brown)

Tinted resin buckle and domes, yellow leatherette belt.


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