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This was one of my personal projects. I've been a Batman costumer since I started costuming and it was time to have a go at sculpting something custom made to fit my own head (I am 'blessed' with a melon for a head so most cowls simply don't fit).

Obviously, I started with reference images. I wasn't going for one particular look, although I am in the process of creating Bruce's new look from Batman Inc, so I did lean in more of  modern direction from the comic reference.

 Once I was happy with my sculpt (which was sculpted on my own headcast) I sealed it with paint.

This was then coated with several layers of silicone, and a mother mould made.

A cowl was then poured using tinted Urethane. I got to wear the cowl for Free Comic Book Day 2011, assissting Red Sun comics handing out free comics and posing with families. 

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