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One of the most fun projects we've worked on so far. I have made a custom Bane Belt for my good friend David French, and also a complete harness and mask set for both David and a friend of mine in America - Jay Tallsquall.

Jay asked me if I could help him make the following picture a wearable costume...

Obviously this was going to be a complicated project. So we started with what we know best - the Mask.

This was sculpted, then cast using a stretchy latex, which was then fitted to a spandex hood.

Next up we created the backpack, and harness, complete with light up 'venom' tank. We also made some 00 platinum silicone 'port' wounds to simulate where the venom tubes would inject directly into his skin.

The most fun part of this project was creating all the little details, such as the labelling for the harness, which was translated into spanish. Various references to the character's history were included in the numbers and labels.

And of course, here's Jay wearing the finished items...

And David, wearing a customised version along with the belt we previously made him.

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